After the rebellion, there's a brief period of prosperity and contentment. What factors inevitably destroy the animals' time of peace and equality in Animal Farm?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As is often the case with leaders, the corruptive thirst for power and personal greed were just two of the factors that brought turmoil to Animal Farm. The pigs immediately took control of the administrative side of the farm, forcing the other animals to do the hard labor while they served as observers. They quickly began to abuse the commandments, seeing to it that they did little work, lived in comfort, and ate more than their share of food. The conflict between Snowball and Napoleon split many of the animals, and when Snowball was evicted from the farm, Napoleon relegated the other animals to second-class status under his dictatorial rule. Broken promises abound, but the animals are convinced by Squealer that no such promises were made; and the ever-changing nature of the commandments are never quite clear to the hard-working animals. Longer hours, poor living conditions and reduced rations transform the farm animals into a poorer state than existed under their human masters.