Harrison Bergeron Questions and Answers
by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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After reading the short story "Harrison Bergeron," evaluate the statement "all people are equal." What does God's word say in regard to this idea? 

In light of the story "Harrison Bergeron," all people are not equal in talents and abilities. However, in most countries they are equal before the law. In biblical terms, they are equal in terms of the possibility of salvation.

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In the satirical science-fiction short story "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., the author has created a world in which physical and mental equality has been dictated by law. Vonnegut shows the absurdity of attempting to do this by having the characters wear debilitating weights and devices that impair their natural talents and abilities but cause them intense discomfort and pain. We can see from this that all people are in fact not equal with respect to the particular talents and abilities that they derive from their genes and environments.

This calls into question how the statement "all people are equal" can be true. In legal terms, "all people are equal" means that everyone must be treated the same when it comes to keeping and upholding the law. There should be no favoritism because of gender, race, culture, religion, or other criteria such as these when administering justice.

In Biblical terms, at least in terms of...

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