After reading the story, from pages 3 to 39, identify specific predictions with substantiation.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one particular prediction that can be made has to do with Eliezer's sense of spiritual identity.  Wiesel opens the narrative with thorough detail as to how Eliezer crafts his spiritual identity.  The embrace of Moshe the Beadle as a guru, the fact that his father is not entirely supportive, the discussion of having the courage to "ask God the questions," as well as Moshe's expulsion and return to Sighet are all examples of how Wiesel establishes the spiritual identity of Eliezer as an important element in the narrative.  A prediction here could be with what lies ahead in terms of the true force and horror of the Holocaust, where will Eliezer's faith turn?  Building off of this would be the examples of Moshe the Beadle as well as the case of Madame Schachter.  In both, the practices of silencing voices and intimidation from the community against their own is evident.  Another prediction would be how this theme will be developed as the narrative unfolds.  As things undoubtedly become worse for the people of Sighet, as well as all enemies of the Third Reich in general, will there be solidarity for all in the face of such terror or will there be more fragmentation as a result?  These predictions are strong because they will help to reveal much in way of Wiesel's themes in the narrative.

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