After reading short story, "You're Ugly, Too," I interpreted that Zoe jumped to her death at the end of the story. Anyone else agree!? I am part of a small book club who meet each month. We have great conversations and different ideas flow!

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Hmm. My first instinct is to say no, so let me see what I can do to help you with your position before I say why. Zoe's definitely depressed, and so jumping makes sense. She refers to illnesses and death, which would also indicate a possible suicide attempt. The title relates to someone with only a short time to live, which would fit a suicide. There are many textual clues to support you, then.

Why do I disagree? The narration. This is ironic, and follows Zoe. It seems just like her and the kind of jokes she tells and life she leads to talk and talk about death, but just to keep on living.

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In Marie Lorena Moore's short story, "You're Ugly, Too," it is not Zoe who jumps to her death; in fact, no one actually jumps. Earl, the chauvinistic man whom Zoe had been (barely) tolerating is pushed off the balcony, by Zoe. It is her last "joke."

There might be some confusion about the conclusion because just prior to the demise of the man, Zoe has told him a rambling story that ends with the female character of the story shooting herself in the head.

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