After reading Ch 9 of King of the Wind, do you think this is a realistic fiction or modern fantasy and explain why by providing examples.

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The enotes link referenced below says that Marguerite Henry's King of the Wind is a well-researched historical novel.  This would place it in the category of realistic fiction.  Elements from Chapter 9 which support its placement in this genre include the setting and historical facts concerning Morocco in the 16th Century and the lineage of the famous racehorse Man O' War.

The Meknes Valley is in north-central Morocco along the Atlas Mountains.  Sultan Mulai Ismael, who is mentioned in the Chapter, really did rule Morocco in the early 1700s, and made the city of Meknes his imperial capital.  It is very plausible that a procession like the one described in Chapter 9, when Agba sees the Sultan, actually might have taken place in the Mecknes Valley as described.  The route the Sultna outlines for the horses' journey, "across the provinces of Errif and El Garb (to) Tangier and...the blue waters of the Mediterranean" is an accurate route to the sea.  Finally, the famous racehorse Man O' War, did in fact have an ancestor who was sent from Morocco as a gift to the King of France, the "boy-king" Louis XV,  in the 1700s.

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