What memories does Jonas gets after those of war, and why does Jonas dislike the good guys/bad guys game now?  

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After having received the memory of war, Jonas doesn't want to play the goodguys/badguys game because he knows the pain the reality of war, the concept on which the game is based. The Giver gives Jonas tidbits of happy memories after the memory of war which include the beauty of art, the wonder of nature and a relationship with animals, solitude, and his favorite, families. Jonas learns he can find the names of his grandparents at the Hall of Open Records, and expriences warmth, happiness, and love at the holiday celebration (Chapter 16)

Twins are unacceptable is they are identical because of the confusion they might cause in the community, which values order above all things (Chapter 17).

Rosemary was the person who was supposed to be the Keeper of Memories before Jonas.  She was also the Giver's daughter.  During her training she was overwhelmed by the trauma of memories such as loneliness, loss, poverty, hunger,and terror, and asked for release. At her release those memories returned to the community, which itself was overwhelmed for a time, because the Giver was too distraught himself to help them through (Chapter 18). Recent and present day examples of release might be the killing of millions of Jews by the Nazis during World War II, and abortion of unborn children.


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happy days

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1. the givers favourite memory is the memory of love with a fire and christmas tree grandparents and small gifts they pass to each other

2. he learn he can find the names of his parents parents in the hall of records

3. he doesnt want to play it any more because he now knows that it is real

4.he experences the feeling of love

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