After looking into the pouch given to him by Goodwife Peregrine, why was Crispin disappointed?    

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In the story, Goodwife Peregrine is Stromford's village hag and is known for her midwifery, magic, and healing skills. She tells Crispin that many are hunting him because the steward has offered twenty shillings to anyone who can kill him.

On the run, Crispin stops by Goodwife Peregrine's house and is given a leather pouch by the old crone. He puts his cross of lead into the bag, eats the bowl of porridge he has been given, and takes to the road. Meanwhile, Goodwife Peregrine chants over Crispin's leather pouch and gives him a bag of bread to take on his journey.

Because Goodwife Peregrine had promised Father Quinel that she would provide Crispin with protection for his journey, Crispin likely expected to find something magical or noteworthy in the pouch. So, he is disappointed to find that it only contains three seeds (one each of wheat, barley, and oat). In despair, he throws the seeds away, believing that the seeds will be powerless to protect him against the many dangers he will have to face on his journey.



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