After Jem tries to comfort Scout for coming on stage at the wrong time, what does Scout realize about Jem? Why is this significant?Chapter 28

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cldbentley eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Scout realizes that Jem is really growing up and becoming like Atticus. She also realizes that Jem truly cares about her and does his best to protect her. This knowledge is significant because they are attacked by Bob Ewell after leaving the school. Because Scout knows that Jem has become more mature, she knows to take him seriously, rather than assuming that he might be joking. She is also aware that Jem is doing his best to protect her during his struggle with Jem. In addition, Scout's reaction to Jem's injury may have been more intensely emotional because she was aware of his devotion to her well-being.

lovejamez | Student

jem is becoming more like atticus




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