After the initial argument about the rope, how many other trivial discussions derive from it and why?

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After the rope argument, the couple engaged in about nine other trivial discussions. They discussed the eggs because they had been squeezed and thus ruined their breakfast plans. According to the wife, the culprit who piled the rope on top of the eggs should have known better than to place a heavy thing above the fragile eggs. However, according to the husband, the situation could be salvaged if the eggs were broken into a container and stored in a cool place.

They also discussed the meat because the wife thought since there was no ice to cool it, it would go bad. However, the husband suggested that she cook it then reheat it the next day for consumption. The wife, however, scolds at the suggestion.

Other discussions that followed include the discussion on where to store the rope, the nails and hammer, the husband’s supposed extra marital affair, division of house chores, and putting out the mattresses. Even though the rope is at the heart of all the other discussions, a lack of understanding of each other is what causes their endless trivial discussions.

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