After his second appearance, the family left the ghost feeling dejected. Discuss this idea.

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In "The Canterville Ghost," the ghost make his second appearance in Chapter Three. In this instance, the ghost disturbs the family when he tries to wear his old suit of armour which is hanging on display in the downstairs hallway. This attempt, however, is an unmitigated disaster which results in the ghost being attacked by the family. This causes him to feel to dejected and humiliated, as we learn from the description in the text:

On reaching his room he entirely broke down, and became a prey to the most violent agitation.

The ghost feels this way because the twins attacked him with their pea-shooters and Mrs Otis offered him a "tincture" for indigestion, instead of being afraid of his "most horrible laugh." Unable to scare them, the ghost has no choice but to turn "faintly phosphorescent" and return to his room.

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