After Grayson gives Maniac the soup and the zep, what else does the boy want to eat?

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Maniac is very hungry by this time. He obviously hadn't been eating well since Grayson noticed that "Wherever his body showed through (his tattered clothes) it was bony..." (pg 80)  The soup and the zep were nice, but he had a craving for butterscotch krimpets.  A butterscotch krimpet is a small vanilla cake, hand held size, with butterscotch frosting.  Grayson overdid it a little and bought him thirty of them.  Maniac thought he had died and gone to Heaven.  Remember that he enjoyed Mrs. Beale's cakes too.  They ate them all afternoon as they traveled around in Grayson's truck.  Even then they didn't satisfy him.  At dinner that night he ate meatloaf with gravy, mashed potatoes, zucchini, salad, and coconut custard pie. 

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