After the French and Indian War, Britian tried to assert control over its colonies. What are some ways in which they did that?

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There were many ways in which the British government did this.  In general, they tried to impose taxes and to do more to enforce regulations on the colonists.  A few ways in which they did this were:

The Proclamation of 1763.  This was the first action that angered the colonists.  In the Proclamation, the British forbade settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains.

The Stamp Tax.  Here, the British were trying to get more money out of the colonists.  They felt that the colonists had not paid their share of the costs of the Seven Years’ War.

They created a vice-admiralty court in Nova Scotia where people could be tried when local juries were deemed likely to acquit them.  This made it more certain that the government could convict those it charged with crimes.

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