How was the spread of Christianity affected by the opening of trade routes?

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The opening of trade routes impacted the spread of Christianity. In the western regions of the Silk Road, Christianity changed from a local religion to one that spread quickly because of the role of the Apostles. Additionally, different variations of Christianity began to spread, such as the form called Nestorianism, which spread eastward along the Silk Road. As more people moved along the trade routes, there was more opportunity for Christianity to spread.

As explorers later traveled to different areas of the world looking for shorter trade routes to Asia, they discovered new lands. For example, when the Europeans realized that the people living in the Americas and in Africa weren’t Christian, they sent missionaries to these places to spread Christianity. In some cases, the people willingly converted. However, there were instances where the people either converted but then continued to follow their old religious practices, or they refused to convert at all.

As trade grew, the...

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