In The Hobbit, after the eagles rescue Bilbo and the dwarves who takes care of their needs?This is found in anywhere from chapter 5-7

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After the Eagles rescue Thorin's company, they bring them to the Lord of the Eagles on the Great Shelf, which was a wide shelf of rock high up on the mountain-side; the only way to access the Great Shelf was by flying.  Gandalf and the Lord of the Eagles are on friendly terms, and while the Lord of the Eagles refuses to take the travelers anywhere that men lived, the eagles do agree to help them to the edge of Mirkwood. 

The weary travelers, although appreciative of the eagles' efforts thus far, confess that they are "famished with hunger" and Bilbo adds in that he is "nearly dead of it" (101-102).  The eagles permit the dwarves a small fire on the Great Shelf, and had "brought up dry boughs for fuel, and they had brought rabbits, hares, and a small sheep" (102).  The dwarves managed all the preparations of the meal that night.

Although the eagles help feed the dwarves, Gandalf, and Bilbo that particular night, that meal was only a short term solution.  When the eagles drop the travelers off, Gandalf makes for the Carrock to visit Beorn, a skin-changer.  Beorn, although suspicious at first, agrees to supply the travelers with food, traveling supplies, and even ponies for the next leg of their journey.

sadde211 | Student

I’m not entirely positive, but after they're found them in the trees after the incident with the goblins, the eagles take them to their king and he tends to their needs by giving them food shelter and any other requirements of their survival. And the king also tells his servants to bring them back down to the foot of the mountain to face Smauge (I’m not sure that’s the correct spelling). That’s it as far as I'm aware, anyway. I apologize if it’s not entirely accurate, it’s been a long time since I’ve read it.