In Homer'sOdyssey, after the cyclops is blinded and sits in the doorway of his cave to catch anyone who tries to escape. What tricks does Odysseus devise to get past.

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This is another one of tales in Homer's Odysseythat is used to show the intellect and cunning of Odysseus. After Odysseus blinds Polyphemus, he must still get out of the cave. The only in our out of the cave is blocked by a gigantic boulder which is far too large for Odysseus and his men to move. However, Odysseus figures out that Polyphemus will need to let out his sheep for grazing in the morning and so he will have to move the boulder. Odysseus devises the plan for him and his men to hide underneath the sheep as they pass out of the cave. Polyphemus is using his hands to feel everything that leaves so as not to allow the escape of the men. This allows Odysseus and his men to get by unnoticed. However, Odysseus, after winning the day, shows his hubris as he screams back to Polyphemus "It is I Odysseus who blinded you". This later brings the wrath of Polyphemus' father, Poseidon.

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