After Changez mentions how Pakistan has agreed to support America, he also says that America won't give the same support back to Pakistan. Why?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Changez wishes to make clear the hypocrisy he sees in American foreign policy following the events of September 11.  For Changez and his experiences, it is vital to note that Pakistan will honor its commitment to America and as important to note that America will not do the same.  For Changez, it is reflective of the American nostalgia of its position in a  World War II world that enabled it to do whatever it wished to whatever nation it wished without any sort of reflection of implications or collaboration with others.  This nostalgic view that Changez believes drives its cultural views and foreign policy is dangerous to someone like Changez, who is seen as an outsider.  In order to substantiate this, he has to make the point that other nations will have to be dependent on America while it is able to do whatever it wishes.  This is part of the reason why Changez believes that Pakistan should not be dependent on any foreign aid, a position that has apparently branded him as "anti- American."  In his statement about the lack of reciprocity in the nature of the relationship between the two nations, Changez makes clear this imbalance helps drive his fundamentalist stand against American pursuits.