In "After Apple-picking" present the symbols in it. What are they and what do they represent?answer has to be 250 words

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a wonderful poem because it is a metaphor that can be interpreted on many levels. It is not only a beautiful poem about apple picking, but scholars have advanced the idea that the author could really be talking about the efforts involved in writing poetry, or the effort involved in life. There are various symbols and images that convey these ideas.

For example, the ladder is pointing toward heaven. This could be a symbol of the author’s life. He is standing on the ladder, and it is pointing towards heaven, and that is where he is going someday when his life is over, but right now he is tired (of apple picking, but maybe of life?) and is going to sleep.

The apples themselves can be symbols. In light of what I have explained above, what do you think the apples might symbolize? Life’s success? Oh how tiring it is to achieve success in life. It’s hard work picking all those apples! Or, could the apples represent the work of writing poetry? Perhaps the apples are the poems.

We cannot write your essay for you, but this should get you started. Check out the poem here on eNotes for more ideas.