In "After 20 Years," how does Silky Bob describe his friend Jimmy to the policeman?

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Silky Bob opens his monologue about his friend when a local police officer questions him.  Bob has returned to the location in the town after being away for twenty years to meet his friend, Jimmy Wells. At the time, the two young men agreed to meet at the restaurant that was once in the location where Silky Bob is now standing.

 Silky Bob begins telling the police officer that he and his best friend, Jimmy, had grown-up in New York. He compares their relationship to that of brothers, establishing the close connection between Bob and Jimmy.  Jimmy was two years older than Bob, who was eighteen at the time of their last meeting.  Bob informs the police officer that his friend Jimmy was always true to his word and will meet him as promised.  He begins to paint a picture of Jimmy as being somewhat slow and not much of a go-getter. He also indicates that Jimmy has probably not changed much because Jimmy had remained in New York.

"He was a slow mover."

Silky Bob is unaware that the police officer he is talking with is Jimmy Wells.  Jimmy has changed since his youth and become a police officer living a life of civil service.  Silky Bob became a crook and wanted by the police. 


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