Africa/ Middle east.
  • Discuss the process of decolonization in Africa and the Middle East. What were/are the challenges Africans and Middle Easterners face in the post-independent period? How have African and Middle Eastern leaders approached these challenges and what solutions they have proposed and instituted?

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    Another major obstacle faced in decolonization and modernization of the African nations left by colonialism was building up the infrastructure to support a more modern society.  Communication and transportation was a huge obstacle.  The new leaders of the self-governments needed a way to communicate with the different regions of the country, but struggled to do so because they simply could not get their message out. 

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    The major challenges that these countries faced in the post-independence period were challenges left by colonialism.  The countries had economies that were geared to helping the colonizers.  They also had very little experience in self-government and few people who were educated.  These hurt their economies and political systems.

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