In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, how does Tom want to spend any treasure they find?  

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As always, Tom has more imagination than Huck. Unlike his friend, he doesn't want to spend Injun Joe's horde of buried treasure on pies, soda pop, and going to the circus. Tom has bigger plans in mind; he wants to get married. With all that money, he probably reckons that he'll have the pick of all the young ladies for miles around.

Huck finds the very idea absurd; his parents used to fight all the time, and he's worried the same thing might happen with Tom and his future bride. But Tom is adamant that things will turn out just fine. As well as spending his share of the treasure on settling down with the girl of his dreams, Tom also plans to put it toward a new drum, a sword, a red necktie, and a bull-pup.

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