In The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger L. Green who said, "You owe me no money. It has already been paid"?

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astrocourt eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Robin Hood says this to Sir Richard (who is offering Robin payment of 400 pounds, plus 20 pounds interest). However, the quote doesn't end there. Robin goes on to explain to Sir Richard that the money was earlier 'obtained' by the High Cellarer and Clerk of St Mary's.

Robin then goes on to comment that taking the money from Sir Richard would be akin to being paid twice, and his conscience would not allow for that.

The outlaw then suggests that Sir Richard use his money to strengthen defences, just in case the Abbot or Prince John learn of the knight's affiliation with Robin's men. The knight accepts, but offers Robin Hood a "small" non-monetary gift by way of thanks: 100 yew wood bows and 100 sheaves of well made arrows. 

Robin accepts the gifts and they all gather to celebrate with a feast.

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