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What are the advantages and disadvantages of corporate social responsibility?

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Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, has both advantages and disadvantages, but the former do appear to outweigh the latter in most cases. The main advantages of CSR for businesses are the reputational benefits that accrue to companies perceived as environmentally and socially conscientious. With the rise of the environmental movement as a political force with which to reckon, more and more companies have found it advantageous to adopt corporate policies and practices--and the two do not automatically go together, as some companies market themselves as being more socially and/or environmentally conscious than they actually are, a phenomenon called "greenwashing." Most people are appreciative of businesses that adopt practices consistent with their, the public's, values. 

Another major advantage of adopting a socially and environmentally friendly business model is that it does, in fact, benefit the society as a whole. The more socially conscious a business, the more attention and...

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