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Advantages and disadvantages of computerised smart classes in the school. please share some veiws regarding the above topic.

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mizzwillie eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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I agree with the points made in all the previous posts.  However, since this world is using technology at an ever faster rate, I believe teachers need to use technology in their classrooms but use it in the best possible way.  Technology opens up possibilities just like any other innovation in teaching, and when used correctly to enhance learning, and not just to use technology, I think it can be great.  For me, using an overhead projector was once new just like the new printers which copied your papers for you instead of using the old hand crank machine.  I learned to use  those, then computers, then smart boards and so on.  Each gave me pause as I had to learn myself, but each became important in my teaching.  So yes, I see the advantages.  The disadvantages for me were two.  One, the equipment didn't always work, so you had to be prepared for that possibility.  Secondly, it was an endless process.  As soon as I had mastered one, another appeared.  Students often taught me small shortcuts which helped immensely, but I felt that I could never catch up to the constant changing of technology available to students.

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clairewait eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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I used to be pretty indifferent about technology in the classroom, because I didn't believe it was a necessary expense, and definitely felt like too much money was wasted on it in public schools. However, my second year of teaching, I was given a classroom PowerPoint projector.

I used it all the time.

Then, I taught at a private school where we had almost no technology in our classrooms, and I found myself seriously missing my projector. I had revolved entire lessons around it, and come up with ways to make my class more interactive. I could teach and walk around and help students without being bound to writing on a white board. 

I definitely think that many schools put too much emphasis on technology, and much of it is used simply for the sake of being progressive. I do not believe all teachers utilize technology in the best ways within the classroom. That said, when it is used well, it has done nothing but enhance my teaching in the classroom.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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One advantage of smart classrooms, or classrooms infused with technology, is that the teacher can have more options.  The more choices you have to present something, the freer you are to meet your students’ needs.  Unfortunately, technology can break down.  If your lesson relies on a projector and the projector isn’t working, where are you then?

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jaderoks | Student

You all are absolutely correct at your points. Thank you all for sharing your veiws.

wafamark | Student

Class rooms with large numbers hinder the use of technology appropriately.