Advantages and disadvantages of committee. It has something to do with management.

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The previous thoughts were quite accurate.  A committee can be quite empowering because more individuals are brought into the decision making process.  Individuals can feel more valued in the scenarios of gathering and relaying information.  The notion of collaboration in the action of making decisions and judging the validity of paths pondered can help to increase stake in the endeavor and help to offset the feelings that individuals are isolated and not important.  Yet, a reason why committees can be seen as disadvantageous would be because of the multiple interests being taken into account, actually making decisions can be difficult.  Additionally, the balancing of demands can be proven to be challenging.

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In general, a business that is run by committee is less likely to go off and do stupid things.  A business run by committee is more likely to think a potential action over very carefully and avoid doing something in a hurry without figuring out for sure whether it is a good idea.  Committees cause many voices to be heard and many ideas to be considered.

However, businesses that are fun by committee can be very slow on their feet.  They can miss opportunities because of a lack of strong leadership.  They can also lack focus for the same reason.

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