What are some advantages of committees?

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hustoncmk eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To begin answering this question, you need to think about what defines a committee. According to www.dictionary.com it is "a person or group of persons elected or appointed to perform some service or function, as to invesitage, report on, or act upon a particular matter".  In other words, it is usually a group of people who are working together towards a common goal.

Working as a group, or a committee, has many advantages.  It allows the group to delegate responsibilities, instead of having just one person trying to reach the goal.  When asking key community leaders to help or to donate, it is sometimes harder for them to say no to two or more people than it is to an individual.  Committees also allow individuals within the comittee to focus on their strengths.  For example, you might have one committee mamber who is a great artist and can create promotional materials, another who is a great speaker and can persuade others to go along with the committee's goal.  Especially when working on a large project, having a committee of dedicated people can make the difference between success and failure.

lit24 | Student

A Committee is a group of people who are experts in their chosen area or field. A committee is formed to monitor a situation and solve day to day problems as when they rise. The rationale of a committee is contained in the popular saying 'two heads are better than one.'

When a committee meets and discusses issues, many ideas and suggestions are put forward which is followed by intense brainstorming. Finally, a consensus is arrived at and the best suggestion is accepted.

Committees are also useful in that it gives an opportunity for the different members to express their opinions freely and let off steam. This democratic process ensures the welfare of the organization.