adrian has a list of things he desires to do if he had 30,000 pounds. for each in his list explain why you think he wishes to do so

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Adrian tells us that if he had 30,000 pounds, he would travel the world. Because he has read that 'most foreigners are thieves,' he would sew 'three thousand pounds worth of traveler's cheques' into the inner lining of his trousers instead of taking the whole lump sum with him. Before he sets off for this traveling adventure, he would

1) Give Pandora, the girl he loves, three dozen roses in order to win her affections.

2) Pay a mercenary fifty pounds to beat Barry Kent up. Barry Kent is the bully who has no problems roughing up smaller boys than him. In the story, Adrian has to pay Barry 'protection money' to save himself from bodily harm.

3) Buy the best bike in the world so that he can ride it past Nigel's house. Nigel is Adrian's competitor for Pandora's affections, and Adrian would rather like to show Nigel up a bit.

4) Order a huge supply of dog food so that his dog will have plenty of food while he is away on his world travels.

5) Pay for a live-in housekeeper for Bert Baxter. As a Samaritans volunteer, Adrian is supposed to check in on the age-old pensioner regularly. However, he doesn't enjoy this task because Bert does not seem to bathe regularly, and his home is filthy. Furthermore, Bert seems to live on a diet of fried eggs; since there is never any dish detergent in the house, Adrian finds it difficult to clean up well.

6) Give his parents a thousand pounds each to stay together.

7) Go to college and graduate with a veterinary degree.

8) Buy a farmhouse and convert one room into a study for himself where he can indulge his intellectual pursuits in relative peace.

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