What are some adjectives and characteristics that describe Scout's personality? 

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price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Scout is a dynamic character who is always changing and growing throughout the novel.  One minute she’s a tomboy rolling in an old tire, the next she is going to a ladies’ tea given by Aunt Alexandra.  Here are some characteristics and adjectives to describe Scout:

Hard-headed and stubborn—Scout doesn’t give up when ostracized by Jem and Dill.  She also tries to talk Atticus into letting her not go to school.

Wise beyond her years—Scout is the smartest girl in her school, and she hates it because it goes so slow for her.

Impressionable—Atticus’ lessons all have a profound effect on Scout and the person she becomes.

Curious—Scout’s continued interest in Boo Radley and the world around her shows her determination and curiosity.  She also sits on Atticus’ lap as he reads the newspaper to her every night.

Forgiving—Scout forgives Walter Cunningham and Jem.

Empathetic—Scout learns about the hardships of Mayella Ewell during the trial and empathizes with her predicament. 

Adventurous—Scout is a tomboy and isn’t stopped despite being told by Jem and Aunt Alexandra to act like a girl.  She dresses in overalls and rolls in tires and climb trees.

Feisty—Scout fights all the time.  She gets in a fight with Walter, Francis, and Cecil Jacobs.  And, of course, there are her “epic” battles with Calpurnia.

Aggressive—Scout won’t back down when she thinks she is right, like when fighting in the school yard or being warned by Jem not to fight.

Vulnerable—Scout’s innocence from growing up in a small town often leaves her vulnerable to how she feels and thinks about bigger issues like racism. 

Out-spoken—Scout says what is on her mind whether it is telling her teacher about the Cunninghams or about the lice scurrying around on Burris Ewell’s head.  Scout doesn’t have a filter!

Here are 11 descriptions!  I don’t want to do all of them for you.  Think about how Scout reacts in certain scenes and episodes throughout the novel, and I’m sure you will come up with some more!  Good luck!



tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Below are two different ways to answer the question.  First, a list mentioning all of the different character traits might be all that is required by the assignment.  On the other hand, though, you might want to look at your assignment to see if your teacher wants you to quote from the book for each of the adjectives that you are supposed to provide; so, I gave a couple of examples below to help you out.

Scout Finch:

Tom-boy, young, aware, inquisitive, tough, little sister, daughter, normal, American girl, scared, inexperienced, independent, obedient, smart, literate. . .

Tired - "I hated him for that, but when you are in trouble you become easily tired: soon I was hiding in his lap and his arms were around me" (104).

Out-of-Control -"Scout," said Atticus, "When summer comes you'll have to keep your head about far worse things" (104).

For more insight, check the link below.

gkopf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A few more adjectives for Scout:

Naive: some consider her to be naive due to her interaction with the mob that intended to attack Tom Robinson in his jail cell.  She has been criticized for her overly simplistic response to their attack, believing that just by mentioning Walter to his father, that she can calm a mob.

Confused/Loyal: Scout's relationship with her brother evolves as they grow up.  While Jem loses his innocence after the trial (after he believed Atticus would win, yet Tom was still convicted), Scout is confused and conflicted about her brother's changes in behavior.  She always sticks by his side, but does not understand why he lashes out at her.

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