' The Address ' is the story of human predicaments that follows war.Comment.

unique254 | Student

The war creates many difficult and traumatic situations for human beings. Civilian life faces tremendous upheaval due to war. The human predicament that follows is amply illustrated through the experience of the narrator. The war had caused many physical difficulties as well as emotional sufferings to her. She had lost her dear mother. She went to 46, Marconi Street to see her mother’s valuable possessions. Mrs. Dorling was a true opportunist who had used the narrator’s mother’s belongings on the pretext of storing them for safekeeping. She refuses to recognize the narrator and does not even let her in. The narrator gets another chance to visit the house. The presence of her mother’s possessions in a strange atmosphere hurted her. Now these valuables had lost all their importance for her as they had been separated from her mother. She could get no solace or comfort from them. She resolved to forget the address. She wanted to leave the memories of her mother and the war behind. She decided to move on.

papairelliloveu | Student

yes,it is very true that 'the address'is a story of human predicaments that followa war.This story gives us a succesful image how change of time brings upon a change in human perception too.In context to the story it is the girl who has suffered because of the death and seperation of her loved ones.


Now u can elobrate the answer on ur own i guess....i have given u the points......

narayana | Student

i too am searching the answer of this question

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