In additional to operations research, what are the other tools and techniques used by organizations to improve productivity?no

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would think that one of the tools that can be used to increase productivity is investing in the work climate or atmosphere.  Productivity which is analyzed solely in terms such as profit margin and production costs are neglecting that maintaining a healthy work climate and atmosphere is vitally important in ensuring consistent productivity.  Most of the best and strongest organizations are ones that value employees and seek to bring them into the calculus of productivity.  I would say that another tool or technique that an organization can use to improve productivity would be to assess the climate in which its workers toil.  How are employee concerns heard?  How is their experience validated?  How do workers feel about their relationship to the company's understanding of productivity?  Productivity during periods of economic expansion is something to be expected to a great extent.  Yet, during the most trying of economic periods, productivity is a challenge.  If employees feel connected to the company and feel as if they are a part of it, then there is a greater chance that their efforts will continue even when things are challenging.  I think that being able to ensure that workers and employees are validated and their experiences are heard is a vital part of determining productivity and what it means to be productive.

imamta10 | Student

i think to improve productivity the most important thing is BENCHMARKING ie to compare tht system , tools and techniques  etc adopted in  the organisation should be compared with the similar type of organisation which is a top one. listing of issues which hidering the growth should be focussed.

secondly productivity may be improved by adopting some quality related approch like just in time, 5s, kaizen ,quality circles,meetings, organisation commitment towards quality

above all the employy satisfaction is the most important issue as a motivated and satisfied workforce can give their maximum. timely redressal of employee grievances, the perks and other benefits and facilities provided to them should be modified regularly.the workplace environment must be good .two way communication system is very suitable for incrasing human relations

the leadership style is anoher issue that may indirectly affect productivity. a democratic style of leadership is most suitable in maximum cases

mohanpm | Student

Tools and techniques for productivity improvement

Exploratory research has been carried out to find out the various processes, technologies,

tools & techniques those can improve the productivity of the knowledge workers. Thirty six

processes, technologies, tools & techniques have been identified and the study on ten

important tools & techniques out of these has been discussed below.

(i) Knowledge Management,

(ii) Executive Education,

(iii) Leadership Development,

(iv) Benchmarking,

(v) Transcendental Meditation,

(vi) Stress Management,

(vii) Transactional Analysis,

(viii) Sleep Management,

(ix) Team Building and

(x) Succession Planning.




krishna-agrawala | Student

The list of tools and techniques that can be used for improving productivity is indeed very big. I am giving below a random list of such tools and techniques that do not come strictly under the classification of Operations Research.

  • Management by Objective (MBO)
  • Incentive Schemes
  • Kaizen
  • 5'S'
  • Quality Circles
  • Suggestion Schemes
  • Job Rotation
  • Job Enrichment
  • Empowerment
  • Costing including various related techniques such as cost control and standard costing.
  • Budgeting and budgetary control
  • Ergonomics