In addition to purpose and challenge, what are the other key characteristics of highly motivated teams that are listed in the link below? read the article

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According to the link that you have attached here, the four other characteristics of highly motivated teams are camaraderie, responsibility, growth, and leadership.   If a team is to be highly motivated, it needs to have the right amounts or kinds of these four factors.

The first factor is camaraderie.  Not surprisingly, the author’s research finds that teams work better and are more highly motivated when their members feel a bond with one another.  These teams help to fulfill the personal and social needs of their members, not just the technical needs.

The second factor is responsibility.  This is somewhat more complicated than camaraderie was.  Team members must be given some degree of responsibility.  They have to feel that they are doing important work if they are to feel motivated.  However, they must not feel overwhelmed by the responsibility.  This is particularly dangerous if the consequences of failure are high.  Therefore, each team member (and the team as a whole) must be given the right amount of responsibility.

The third factor is growth, which is somewhat like responsibility.  Team members will need to be given the opportunity to grow in terms of their abilities and the type of work they can do.  This helps them feel more valuable and helps them feel that they will be able to climb the corporate ladder.

Finally, there is leadership.  A team needs a good leader.  A good leader needs to understand how important the other five factors are.  That leader needs to ensure that the other five factors are present so that the team can be highly motivated and effective.

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