In addition to its shinny appearance what other benefits does chrome plating does?

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Chromium is an element.  Objects are not normally made of chromium, but may be Chrome plated (covered with a thin layer of Chromium).

Chrome plating requires high concentrations of Chromic Acid, a potent carcinogen with vast environmental pollution potential.  Many cities prohibit chrome-plating operations within their boundaries.

Chrome plating can be applied to steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and even plastics.

Here are the advantages of Chrome Plating:

-Decorative:  Chrome plating produces the brightest surface short of mirrored glass, hence is used in ornamentation of automobiles and motorcycles.

-Rust Prevention

-Wear resistance for plastics

-Provides electrical conductivity for plastics

-Resists Tarnishing

-Resists Corrosion


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