In Adam of the Road, what is the summary for chapter 6 a blush of boys?

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Adam is watching a group of youngsters ("blush of boys") play at Lisle House, where he is staying with his father. He doesn't understand why the boys, and especially Hugh, their leader, are so rude to him and will not let him join their games. Simon, a squire to Sir Edmund and mentor to Adam, suggests that if Adam were to offer to let the boys ride his father's fine war horse Bayard in their games, they might include him in their group. Adam does just that, and his generosity is much appreciated. Hugh confides in Adam that his father once owned Bayard, and that Hugh was hoping he would give the horse to him one day, but he gave the horse to Adam's father instead. Adam understands why Hugh has been so unfriendly towards him. He is accepted as part of the group from then on, and they all have great fun!

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