Discuss Ad Freaks' list about best advertising movies ever made. Are they effective?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the list is fairly comprehensive in terms of assessing films that deal with advertising.  I felt that some of the films could have been placed differently on the list.  For example, Crazy People might have been higher than 21 because it really captures the essence of the advertising realm.  The fact that honesty is seen as something covert, and that advertisers function in a realm that represents an entirely different language is an effective way to view the entire profession.  I felt that What Women Want could have been a bit higher than 15 because it really hits the essence of what advertisers do.  The idea that an advertiser has the ability to peer secretly into thoughts of an entire demographic is the penultimate dream of every advertiser.  I felt that this was really effective in conevying the primary motivation of the advertising business in that a secret ability to understand and craft product delivery in accordance to what we, as consumers, think about would not even say aloud is highly relevant and meaningful.  I likedPlanes, Trains, and Automobiles. Yet, I cannot see how it is an effective statement on the advertising profession.  If anything, it focuses on the challenges of the businessman, and not necessarily the advertising businessman.  I would have felt that Brooks'Lost InAmerica is a better representation of the aggressive nature of advertising, how it can force people to leave it, and then come back to it as they have nowhere else to go.  The fact that it contains one of the best lines in all of advertising regarding Las Vegas and "schumcks to come here to see Wayne Newton" is classic and for this reason alone should merit top rank.  Overall, I felt that the list was effective in depicting films that treat the industry with a sense of openness and honesty, reflecting effective depictions of the advertising business.