AcupunctureIndications and contraindications of Acupuncture

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I would say that if people are afraid of needles, and yes there certainly are some, then acupuncture may not be a good idea. However, given the benefits if a person believes in them, chances are that you can find a way to get beyond the fear of the needles.
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The best place to find information would be through qualified medical personnel. They would be able to address all of the dos and don’ts. The University of Maryland Medical Center has a helpful website.

One of the major areas of contention is acupuncture during pregnancy. Some medical personnel might avoid it altogether while others might feel competent in performing it. There are certain points that are contraindicated during pregnancy, however other points are thought to benefit pregnancy.

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The only contraindications I have found are avoiding open sores or infected areas on the skin, a traditional contraindication to avoid using during first trimester of pregancy, and to avoid use on someone with a pace maker.

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There are no absolute contraindications to acupuncture needling alone. Relative contraindications may include extreme frailty and concurrent febrile illness. Local skin infection or breakdown dictates that points in the area of skin involvement not be used.

There is a traditional contraindication to using acupuncture in the first trimester of pregnancy and certain points to be avoided thereafter. Some of the forbidden points are anatomically related to the uterus, and some are powerful autonomic switches, so caution is reasonable.

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There are no contraindications and no age limit, the specialist informs us.
If open sores, lesions, bruises, skin problems (eczema, skin cancer) stings are not made on affected area, acupuncture  indirectly stimulating the blocked acupuncture point,  by the work of other centers of the body, connected with it.

If very young children, stimulating acupoints can be done with electropoint or just follow a plant treatment , with age appropriate formulations and dosages. And pregnant women can pursue such treatment, especially if there are difficulties during pregnancy. In this situation only avoid stinging certain energy centers.

Number of problems which can be treated or relieved by acupuncture is very high, including the most common: infertility, diseases caused by stress, hernias, spondylosis, insomnia etc.