In acts 1-3, i need 3-4 examples of what role fate plays in Romeo and Juliet? specific examples would be great, like Act 2 Scene 3 Romeo about half way through etc.

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Well, fate may be too strong for some of these examples—some might be better called coincidences—but how about the following?

Act I, scene 1: Both Lord Capulet and Lord Montague happen to enter as their men are fighting.
Same scene: the prince enters as well (very convenient for the plot).

Act I, scene 2: Juliet's sisters are dead. (Why is this fate? Because it makes her father hesitate to marry her off to Paris, leaving more of an opening for Romeo.)

The same scene: the Capulet servant can't read, and it just happens to be Romeo who he bumps into, letting him learn about the party (where he'll meet Juliet).

Act I, scene 2: Romeo sees Juliet before being introduced, allowing him to fall for her without knowing she's a Capulet (that knowledge might block his love).

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