Activity to show difference in compressibility of three states of matter.the activity including aim and apparatus .... stuff..

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pamsuegun eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hypothesis: That is really up to you; it is what you think based on your past experience and observations of matter.  It could be that liquids and gasses are compressible and that solids are not.

Observations:  Only the air (a gas ) is compressible.  The other 2 forms of matter do not compress.  Also, that when you stopped applying pressure to  the air in the syringe that the plunger came back up.

Conclusion:  The only form of matter that is compressible was the gas (air).  This must mean that there are spaces between the molecules.  These spaces are made smaller when the pressure of the plunger is applied.

  Also, because the plunger comes back up when you release the pressure with the gas this must mean that the molecules of gas have alot of energy and therefore speed.  The energy of the gas particles hitting the plunger pushes back on the plunger and it goes back to its original position.

pamsuegun eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What I do in my class to show the differences in the compressibility of matter is to use large syringes with caps.  I get large syringes (60 cc) and in one I place water, in one I place fine sand, and in another I place air.  For the sand, I add some sand, push down the plunger to remove any air and then cap the syringe.  To avoid getting an air bubble in the water syringe, I hold it under the water while I pull back on the plunger and then cap it. To get air into a syringe, pull back on the plunger and then cap the syringe. To test compressibility, depress the plunger for each type of matter.  Only the air is compressible.  The fact that liquids are not compressible often surprises people. (Make sure there is no air in the water syringe or you will get a false result.)

nishgolf | Student

i think what pamseugun says is wrong in a way cos' she/he says that solids and liquids are NOT compressible whereas they are compressible but comparitively much lesser than gases :D

kshitij13 | Student

thanx a ton ...this will really help...:) :) :) :) :) i m  overjoyed

kshitij13 | Student

thanx for the answer but i'd also need the conclusion, observation and Hypothesis

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