Activity 1 a. Research a community organization on your own. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the organization's online communication strategies and develop list of recommendations to address issues...

Activity 1

a. Research a community organization on your own. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the organization's online communication strategies and develop list of recommendations to address issues identified as a result of the SWOT analysis. 

b. You have heard a small number of team members express concerns about, and demonstrate resistance to, a new strategy which requires them to report all information (IT) issues to an external help desk by logging an electronic request rather than by just verbally letting their supervisor there supervisor know that there is an IT problem. Outline the way you would coach these team members in the use of the new process.


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jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The organization you choose for this project is up to you. For an example, I chose Mixteca (see the link below). The mission of their organization is as follows: "Our mission is to empower the Mexican and Latin-American immigrants of the New York area by providing them access to services that enhance their quality of life and will allow them to reach sustainable social and economic development." 

The strength of their communication strategy is that they make their mission clear and have links to their programs on their homepage, including classes and access to health care. They also have a clearly marked link that allows people to volunteer. The weakness of their online communication strategy is that it is mostly in English, though the target population speaks Spanish. Only one link, marked "Juntos Podemos," brings people to a Spanish-language page. There is an opportunity for this organization to develop more of its communications in Spanish, and this might be one recommendation for the organization. Threats to the organization might include lack of funding or volunteers. The organization you choose will likely have a different SWOT analysis profile. 

To train people to use an online IT request system, you might first present the process of how to use the system at a meeting in which you show people how to submit a request. Then, you might have them practice this type of request to familiarize themselves with the system while you're in the room. Allow them to voice their concerns about the system, and respond to their concerns. That way, they will feel comfortable using the system on their own. 

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lspark | Student

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  When a community service organization does a SWOT analysis, it looks inward, analyzing its own strengths and weaknesses.  It also looks outward, trying to anticipate opportunities for positive change and identify threats that might make it harder for the agency to do its work.  

Strengths and weaknesses are always factors that relate to the organization itself.   If you are analyzing a group’s online communications, strengths would include positive aspects of the agency’s current communications.  For example, maybe the agency has a clear, easy to navigate website which is translated in three languages.  Strengths could also include any organizational strengths that might help the agency improve its communications.  For example, maybe the organization has new computers and a smart, dedicated staff.

Similarly, weaknesses would include negative things about the current online communications, like an out-of-date website or lack of a twitter or youtube account.  It would also include organizational weaknesses that might make it hard to improve the online communications.  For example, maybe the staff doesn't really understand  social media or doesn't have the time to devote to communications work.

Opportunities and threats, by contrast, are always external.  An organization can respond to opportunities and threats but cannot really control them.  Opportunities would be anything in the outside environment that could help the organization improve its online strategy.  This could be a new grant opportunity to fund nonprofit technology development.  Threats could be anything that might cause a problem.  For example, maybe a competing agency has launched an exciting online campaign that is attracting lots of attention.

List all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats you can think of.  Once you have done the SWOT analysis, you come up with recommendations by considering whether there are any opportunities that allow the organization to take advantage of its strengths or to overcome its weaknesses.  You also consider whether there are actions that the organization can take to avoid or prepare for threats.