Explain the idea of "Actions speak louder than words" explain with a story.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Mishima's story embodies the idea of actions speak louder than words.  Shinji believes in honor and the glory of a soldier.  There is little in way of words or language to this end.  Shinji does not take refuge in words or in language to avoid taking action.  He clearly understands, as does his wife, that there is honor in suicide.  In this, Shinji is a character that believes in the power of action and the need to take it in the face of a world where honorable action is sorely lacking.  When he does commit suicide, he does not say many words except for those that extol the "Imperial Forces."  Takeyama Shinji's actions are driven by action speaking louder than words.  There is little equivocation or doubt as to what must be done.  Action is seen as a supreme entity, something that is absolute, something that cannot be denied or deferred.  It is action that is vaulted above all else, something that is not going to be minimized or clouded through words.  It is here where Shinji represents how actions speak louder and more clearly than words, something that Mishima intends to bring out, interestingly enough, through language.