Acting without thinking may lead to disasters. Please Explain

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the quote is speaking to the idea that individuals should think carefully before acting.  The quote articulates a notion of instances when people act without thought that result in disastrous ends.  Without thought, action is not deliberately thought to any end.  Both the process of thought and its end product is absent when there is not much in way of thought.  I think that this is where the quote is directed.  It becomes essential for thought to be present.  Individuals who are able to think and reflect are able to consider that their actions might avert problems or disasters.  In thought, consequences are considered.  In thought, a sense of what will happen afterwards is considered.  When there is not this thought present, there is a lack of understanding about what could result from action.  The quote is making clear that thought, reflection, and a sense of surmise must be present in action.  This is needed in order to avoid miscalculation that can result in disastrous consequences and difficulty that might result from those decisions where thought has been absent from the decision making process.

ilovejcm | Student

well i think making an action without thinking can done such a misfortune thing..unless the action you did will be done great..i reckon that question is severely critical to answer..