In Act 4, Scene1,what evidence is there that the Queen is now on Hamlet's side? In act 4 scene1

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In Act 4, Scene 1, Gertrude has to tell her husband that Hamlet has just killed Polonius, but she very obviously leaves out any mention of some of the most important matters connected with that event. She does not tell Claudius that she cried for help because she was afraid her son was going to kill her. She does not tell her husband that Polonius started crying for help behind the tapestry because the old man heard her screaming and also thought Hamlet was trying to kill her. And she makes no mention of the incident that would have really alarmed her husband: the fact that Hamlet appeared to be having a conversation with the ghost of his dead father. She and Hamlet had a long and strormy interview, during which he berated her for marrying Claudius and apparently persuaded her to stop having marital relations with him. Everything she has to say about the accidental slaying of Polonius is said in just six lines. No doubt the wily King Claudius senses she is holding something back. He will probably try to get it out of her at some later time, as Hamlet predicted. But right now Claudius sees this as a golden opportunity to get rid of Hamlet by sending him to England. Under the circumstances, his mother can have no objection to this plan. Claudius is probably already planning to send instructions to the English to execute Hamlet as soon as he arrives.

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