In act 1 scene 5 of Hamlet, what does Shakespeare mean when the ghost says, "Adieu, adieu! Remember me."?In act1 scene5

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In Act I, Scene 5 ofHamlet,the murdered King Hamlet has returned as a ghost to tell his son how he died.  While the people of Denmark do not distrust the new, King Claudius, young Hamlet has been wary of him and his hasty marriage.  Now that his father has confessed that it was Claudius who killed him, young Hamlet knows that his uncle is evil and must be stopped.

As he concludes his monologue, the ghost of King Hamlet tells young Hamlet, "Adieu, adieu, adieu! Remember me."  By telling his son to "remember" him, the former king is asking his son to seek revenge against the sin that was committed against him.  He wants Hamlet to right the wrong by killing Claudius and exposing him for the killer that he is.

Hamlet responds that he will indeed remember his father and make things right once again


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