In act 1 scene 3 ofHamlet, what is Laertes advice to Ophelia?Act1 Scene3

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pirateteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act I scene three, Laertes tells is only sister goodbye as he heads to France for school.  He is concerned about his sister's growing attachment to Prince Hamlet and so he warns her to be cautious of his hidden plans.  Laertes warns his sister to be chaste threatening that if she gives into Hamlet, he will grow bored with her and leave her.  He reminds her that Hamlet is a prince and can have anyone and so could just be toying with her.  Ophelia agrees to his request while reminding Laertes to do the same while he is in France.

This scene introduces the love Laertes has for his sister and shows us how he wants to protect her.  This will be important later in the play.

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