In act three, what does my credit now stands on such slippery ground qouted by Antony ?

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 Antony is in great quandary after the cold-blooded assassination of Julius Caesar. Those who have killed Julius Caesar can also eliminate him from the scene, a fact well-known to Antony. However, he wishes to avenge Caesar's death. Therefore, when he is invited by Marcus Brutus for a discussion, he is cautious and on his guard.

He first wails and laments the death of Caesar and then asks if he was the next one to bleed to death. He also requests the two to "fulfill their pleasure" when their hands were reeking with the blood of Caesar. Not even in thousand years will he get a better time to be killed than by the same daggers, the same people, the same hour and the same manner as was Caesar.

Brutus, however, requests Antony to see thair hearts full of brotherly love and  not their hands full of blood. He further adds that for Antony, their swords had "leaden points". Cassius also adds that when the new republic will be formed, Antony's voice will be given same consideration as any man in deciding the new posts of honour.

Antony senses a chance, and requests the conspirators to place their hands in his hand as a new found friendship. It is here that he remarks that his "credit" now stands on such slippery ground. Credit means reputation.According to Antony, it will be very difficult for him to explain the reason for his joining hands with the murderers of Julius Caesar and adds that he will either be called a flatterer or a coward, both will actually ruin and tarnish his image and reputation. But in reality ,it gives him an outside chance to save his life and to wait for the most opportune moment to give the conspirators and murderers of Julius Caesar a taste of their own medicine.

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