In Act I scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, what does Capulet say about Romeo's reputation in Verona?Please put his speech into your own words.

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This speech comes as part of Act I scene 5, which is when Romeo and his friends gatecrash the ball at the Capulet mansion. The only problem is that Tybalt recognises the heir of the Montague House and draws his uncle's attention to Romeo's presence among them, saying that he will fight him and kill him for this act of impudence and presumption. Lord Capulet responds by trying to calm him down, saying that, to paraphrase his speech, he behaves like a well-mannered gentleman, and also he has a very good reputation in Verona society, which says he is a virtuous and good young man. Thus he says that even if he were offered all the wealth of Verona, he would not want to offend such a young man in his house. Because of this he tells Tybalt to calm down and to ignore him and to stop getting annoyed by his presence, as he should be more joyful for a feast.

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