In Act I Scene 2 of The Taming of the Shrew, find an example of sarcasm spoken by Grumio that indicates that Gremio is too old to be wooing Bianca.

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Let us remember that sarcasm is a special form of verbal irony said with the intention to wound or to hurt. Verbal irony is of course saying the opposite of what is true to emphasise the gap between appearance and reality that irony always concerns. When we examine this hilarious scene, we see that when Gremio enters and Hortensio tells Grumio that Gremio is the "rival of his love," Grumio, in an aside, makes a very sarcastic comment about Gremio's appearance and his suitability to be wooing Bianca:

A proper strapling and an amorous!

This is sarcastic because Grumio is calling Gremio a handsome young fellow, when clearly he is anything but handsome and young. Grumio is making fun of Gremio because of his age.

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