In Act III, what quotation did Proctor use to help Mary Warren remain brave in The Crucible?

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The quote from Act III that John Proctor used to help Mary Warren remain brave was:

"Now, remember the angel Raphael and what he said to the boy Tobias...Do that which is good, and no harm shall come to thee."

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When Mary Warren comes to the court to tell the truth, that Abigail and the other girls are lying when they accuse people of witchcraft and acting when they appear to faint and freeze, Abigail turns on her and prepares to accuse Mary of witchcraft.  She insists that she sees Mary's spirit as a yellow bird who threatens to tear her face, and she claims that Mary sends a cold wind.  Then, when the other girls join her, Mary's resolve begins to weaken.  Proctor tries to bolster her spirits by saying, "Mary, remember the angel Raphael -- do that which is good and--," but he is cut off by more of Abigail's histrionics.  The full line would have read, "Do that which is good and no harm will come to thee."  However, Proctor really cannot promise this, and Mary knows it.  Many people have already been convicted of witchcraft on the basis of the girls' similar accusations, and those people sit in Salem jail, getting ready to hang -- they tried to do what was good and harm has most certainly come to them. 

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