Act III.v. Looking for a quote where Juliet references fate in the scene.

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"O Fortune, Fortune! all men call thee fickle.
If thou art fickle, what dost thou with him(60)
That is renown'd for faith? Be fickle, Fortune,
For then I hope thou wilt not keep him long
But send him back" (59-63).

Although Juliet does not use the word 'fate' in this quote, her meaning is very much the same when she applies to "Fortune" to bring Romeo back to her.  Juliet says these lines when she pulls the ladder in after Romeo descends from her bedroom window after having spent all night with his bride.  Juliet has a premonition as Romeo departs down the ladder of her new husband being pale "as one dead in the bottom of a tomb" (55).  Romeo tells her not to worry, that she looks pale too, and only sorrow, not death, is to blame. 

Juliet never applies to 'fate' directly in Act Three, Scene five, but her brief address to Fortune reveals her hope that Romeo will return to her.  If fate is so fickle as men claim, she hopes that it will choose not to keep Romeo long and send him back to his beloved. 

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