In Act II of "Julius Caesar", What is the purpose of Brutus' interview with Ligarius?

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Brutus' chief purpose to meet and interview Ligarius is to discuss with him his plans to assasinate Caesar. It is Metellus who first suggests to Brutus that it would be a good idea to include Caius Ligarius in the conspiracy, because Caius Ligarius does not like Caesar for when Ligarius once praised Pompey, Caesar scolded him: "Caius Ligarius doth bear Caesar hard/who rated him for speaking well of Pompey." Immediately, Brutus asks Metellus to send for Caius Ligarius so that he can talk to him and convince him to to join the conspiracy to assasinate Julius Caesar, "now, good Metellus, go along by him/He loves me well and I have given him reasons/Send him but hither and I'll fashion him."

"I'll fashion him": I (Brutus) will convince him and persuade him to join the conspiracy to assasinate Julius Caesar.

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