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After returning from their outing (at which Eliza had successfully proved herself as a refined lady), Higgins and Pickering treat Eliza disrespectfully, ignoring her while gloating about their own success.  Higgins absentmindedly wonders where his slippers have gone; Eliza quietly retrieves them for him, but does not receive so much as a word of thanks.  Higgins and Pickering retire for the night, leaving Eliza to stew angrily over her mistreatment.  When Higgins re-enters the living room, Eliza throw his slippers at him.  They argue; Higgins insults Eliza, calling her ungrateful, while Eliza claims that she wish she had been left in the street.  Having finished and "won" her project for Higgins, Eliza decides to leave the house and Higgins behind.

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