In Act 4 Scene 4 of "Hamlet", Fortinbras is said to be moving over the countryside. Where is he going? Why?

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Fortinbras is moving his troops over Denmark to do battle and reclaim lost land of his father's in Poland. Fortinbras had made an arrangement with Claudius to cease hostilities in Denmark, but he is still eager to reclaim lands lost in his father's fall to Hamlet Senior. Act four scene four is a powerful scene where Hamlet meditates on how trivial the march is and how stupefying it is that the soldiers march to war and possibly their doom for such a petty reason as a small "plot" of ground. He wonders at the sense of marching twenty-thousand men to "their graves like beds" (4.4.62). His meditation considers the nature of man, man's reason, spirit, and divine inspiration.

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